Parting Thoughts

With our souls separated by a couple thousand miles- a distance that increases by the day- I was left wondering “What are we?” One too rooted in being wounded to feel cupid could strike again from afar. The other’s pride too strong to swallow and troubled that these early “signs” might be an omen of what will follow. In this state of flux, I feel like there is “you and I” but not us. When we were an arm’s distance away, my love wasn’t enough but now you seem to say it is and expect me to just trust. I’m left feeling at a loss wondering if it’s even possible to pick up right where we left off. So… I build a wall too high for you to climb and cement it with time. Then, I put a sign up that says “Closed For Business” and “Thank You” for trying.

As hard as it may be to accept, every hello between us has turned into a goodbye.

About The Show

The Show is an independent producer of media which includes, but is not limited to, video, audio, digital art. It is now based in Oakland, CA.
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