Nowadays, even sex is political
So when I make love, that’s a vote that I’m giving you
when casting my ballot I’m simply quite cynical

Because I’ve stepped into the booth so many times
not knowing the candidate
ready to pull that lever
you see
Honestly, I was never judicious with my executive branch
so I was jerked every time I put it down on the legislature

I fell for the rhetoric
Line by line
suckered by the propaganda
Every single time

So angry at the deception, I want to move to impeach
but I’m so scared of the unknown
that I stick with the incumbent and roll my eyes every time she speaks

Feeling disenfranchised
I choose NOT to step into the booth
No more falling hook line and sinker for a quirky well marketed superficial bumper sticker

Whether you’re an anarchist, federalist or a democratic-republican-acorn-teaparty strategist
this is just a bit of dialectic from a young Boriqua eloquetionist
There is no perfect you
And there is definitely no perfect me
So there is no right way to find the a democratic republic of WE

The search perfect candidate is simply a scheme
To replace finding someone who shares in my dreams
Someone to subsidize my love and contribute to my welfare
Really, its as simple as universal healthcare
So, before you can have my vote
I have a bill earmarked with your name on it
The question is, “Are you ready to pass it?”

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The Show is an independent producer of media which includes, but is not limited to, video, audio, digital art. It is now based in Oakland, CA.
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