Dear Mr President — QUIT RESISTING

Unbelievable! These border patrol agents need to be arrested and put on trial. He died of a heart attack… I wonder why. Being shot with 1000 Volts of electricity just couldn’t have been involved in this. Nah…

Under the Obama administration, there have been more deportations and more examples of egregious actions against Latinos in the US from citizens and law enforcement than under Bush. Unacceptable. Obama’s 2nd term (guaranteed by virtue of the Republican hate for “Others”, a category which the Mormon Romney falls into) will be one in which access to citizenship, education and health care must be determined. If we don’t get reconciliation for these issues, then Democrats say bye-bye to the Latino vote. We will be deciding elections from here on out so I would advise everyone to start acting accordingly and stop being blatantly racist & disrespectful.

US Border Patrol Taser and Beat Handcuffed Undocument Citizen To Death

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